A letter to Greatfather Winter…

Sometimes I love gaming all by myself. But I also love joining or forming a group to play World of Warcraft. I’m not talking about raids or dungeons. I’m talking about questing and levelling. The other we led
A group of twenty something Mages through Arathi Highlands and it was fun.

A while ago a friends Mage arrived at Draenor and was about to build his own Garrison. I was their to jump to his aid to help questing. What I found was… Nothing. Two friends separated by phasing every few steps. I do get that ones Garrison has to be a fortress of solitude. But why can’t we go on helping one another on our adventurous journey to level 100?

I don’t want more 40 people raids. I don’t want my own amusement park at my Garrison. I want to spend time with my friends fighting demons and bandits, gathering wood, leaves and flowers, and save the day by destroying Garosh.

And yes, while we’re at it…,

.. I want Auberdine back. 😝