An ode to inspiration

For so many years now I’ve been playing World of Warcraft. It was not until I met @ArgentOnslaught I discovered the #RPG part of the #MMORPG to be still existent. I tried role-playing (rp-pve) in the past and didn’t find my way in. But the entertaining and inspiring posts of Rease Stoneheart make me want to try it again.

Therefore I’ve created the hunter Rex Freeborn as a homage to Rease and my main char who is also a hunter. I hope Rease forgives me for photocopying his Avatar a little but it sorta seemed acceptable since we’re on different servers on different continents an there are only so much of faces and hairstyles in World of Warcraft to chose from.

So let’s start with level 1 and see what happens outside the abbey. Until I’ve something interesting to report, follow Rease and his comrades on the journeys of high adventure.