…you live in the world you choose…

I’m often amazed by the unlikely places to find inspiration and motivation. A couple of years ago, I saw an underground werewolf movie called „Dark Moon Rising“. I later learned of more titles for that flick depending on region of distribution and medium. But that is not really important.

I liked the movie because of its characters and view on the world. As admirer of movie music, I like to sharpen my ears for the music between the usual compilation of songs and source music. But watching this feature, I just couldn’t help but pay attention to the songs that seemed so fitting, so perfectly chosen.

Reading the movies credits, I realized that most of the songs were written by the same artist, singer and songwriter Geoff Gibbons. I dug a little deeper and found his work on iTunes, including the fascinating compilation for the movie I’d just seen.

Since then Geoff’s songs have guided me on many journeys and helped me out of the mists of bleakest thoughts more than once. His themes and stories are so authentic to me, I feel save and sound listening to them. His melodies from thoughtful to joyful get to me every time and it’s always a different song touching my heart the most.

I’d like to see Geoff Gibbons‘ records as poetry of our time, and I’m grateful that they found their way to me to make my life a bit more worth living. That goes for the messages as well as for the melodies.