V’Ger Speaks

I grew up with Star Trek and so it became my definition auf Science-Fiction. Over the years, even decades, I established my personal philosophy of what Science-Fiction means to me. Although totally unrelated to a certain franchise Star Trek still fits all criteria. The pre-J.J. Abrams Start Trek that is.

And then there’s my fascination and love for film music. Trying to keep up with what is trending and what is not, I listened closely to what was happening beyond the images on the screen. But today I have my own concept of what is right, what is mediocre, and what is wrong to me in that field, too.

During the past decade the vast variety of composers I called favourites was reduced to a few, and one shining example always stands out; Jerry Goldsmith. For me he was the most talented, the most versatile and most professional composer of all time. Some of his works define an age, a genre or a franchise.

Jerry Goldsmith is Star Trek, Star Trek is Science-Fiction and both of them are as close to me as any member of my family or friend can ever be.

Have you ever imagined what rock music would be without The Beatles or Queen? Have you ever wondered what books would be without The Bible or Stephen King or what movies would be without Billy Wilder or Steven Spielberg? It would be the same with film music without Jerry Goldsmith or Star Trek without Jerry Goldsmith.

La-La Land Records built a monument to honor his talent and accidentally, they built a monument for my life with a record that combines sound, class and emotion.

By the time you reach „The Meld“ on side D you might have experienced every emotional state possible and you’ll definitely start for the adventure again.

Turntable with La-La Land Start Trek Record